Frequently Asked Questions
1.) Why are you making scary Christian movies?
Answer: The Christian walk is filled with scary moments, and as much as we all love the "feel good" movies that Christians typically produce, we are leaving out a huge audience of people. Many people enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes from watching suspenseful, scary movies. There are hundreds of scary movies that are put into the market every year, but very few of them are clean, and almost none of them have a faith-friendly Christian message in them. Cross Shadow was created to fill that void.

2.) Why did you make a movie about the Paranormal and Spiritual Warfare?

Answer: There is currently very little in the Christian market that deals with the Paranormal and Spiritual Warfare, especially when it comes to movies. According to Dr. Ron Rhodes Book, "The Truth Behind Ghosts, Mediums, and Psychic Phenomena", he states that around 73 percent of Americas youth have dabbled in the paranormal. Sadly enough, only 10 percent of people have heard anything about it in their churches. Many Christians even claim that they have seen a ghost. But most of all, far too many have no idea what they are really dealing with.
We wanted to change that.
Today, our culture is fascinated with the Paranormal. Just turn on the TV and you are certain to find a show that deals with the Paranormal in some way. Some of the more popular shows (such as Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Ghost Lab, A Haunting, Supernatural, to name a few) may only present one side of the discussion. Cross Shadow aims to present the Biblical response to this topic.
3.) Who is your Target Audience?
Answer: Due to the mature content of this movie we would recommend it for ages 14+.
This is for anyone interested in learning more about Spiritual Warfare or the Paranormal from a Christian & Biblical perspective. It's also great if you just would like to watch a good clean scary movie without the offensive content that you would usually encounter in this genre.
4.) What do you think would be the best setting to watch this movie?

Answer: In a darkened room, late at night, with your speakers nice and loud alongside your family and friends. We admit it- we want you to get at least a little freaked out. :) Afterall, what's the point of watching a fun, creepy movie if you don't get into the ambiance? :)
5.) I don't like scary movies! The topic intrigues me though, should I watch it?

Answer: Yes! The reason a lot of people shy away from what are traditionally deemed "scary" movies is usually because of the nature of the content. Often times, the end result of a secular scary movie is a dark, scared, state of mind. Our film is fundamentally different. Because Paranormal is about the TRUTH, and not the darkness, if you hold on through the ride to the end of the movie, you will be rewarded with a positive, uplifting ending. Promise! But that is as much as we can say without giving the ending away :).
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